anne-catherine jansen, cfa


Anne-Catherine pursued an education in economics and finance, which led to a long career at the International Monetary Fund. She retired early to start You Assist. The motivation to start a charity partially stemmed from her childhood experiences. When she was young, Anne-Catherine traveled the world with her father and learned to share his passion for languages and helping others. She recently decided to explore her creative side by replicating two Picasso paintings, both of which she proudly displays. She has also taken a strong interest in photography. In fact, she shot the majority of the photos taken in Sri Lanka.

michael jansen


Michael attended Virginia Tech and received a degree in environmental science. Having always had a passion for the environment, he originally worked as a soil scientist for a local consulting firm. He then decided to pursue a different path and co-created You Assist. Since then, he’s managed to stumble into the world of healthcare. In his spare time, Michael enjoys cinema of all kinds, failing miserably in the kitchen, and writing stories that he dreams will one day be published. He was responsible for the rest of the photos taken in Sri Lanka (read: the blurry ones).

Bob jansen


Bob recently retired from a 36 year career as a civil engineer. His area of expertise was in land development, bringing basic infrastructure (sewer, water, storm drains and roads) to commercial and residential projects. His current focus is finding ways to help improve the lives of others. Bob works with Rotary International and the Saint Peter Claver Society of Saint John the Beloved Parish. If that wasn’t enough, he also works on the Land Development Design Initiative at his alma mater, Virginia Tech. Bob loves to travel and experience other cultures. When he’s back home, Bob can usually be found enjoying a game of baseball on TV.

doug behr

Doug grew up in a family of florists, which fostered an early interest in plants. He eventually went on to receive a degree in horticulture. At first, he worked as a landscape designer, but later parlayed his design skills into a senior graphic design position at Johns Hopkins. He now has his own graphic and landscape design company, Douglas M. Behr Design. Doug’s love of nature is reflected in his avid interest in bird watching. This was taken to an extreme when he traveled from Maryland to Michigan to get a rare look at the Kirtland’s Warbler. Doug is also active in his church and in his community.

sima jabbour

Sima’s educational background is in business and management. While she now works for a public accounting firm that she co-owns with her brother, Sima originally spent 10 years as a marketing and business development coordinator at an international export firm in Washington, DC. She is very active in her condominium community, where she sits on the board of directors. For fun, Sima loves to watch foreign films and learn about all sorts of foods, either by trying new recipes or sampling new cuisine. On occasion, she will merge these two interests and have a bite while enjoying a movie.

li ansefelt

Li grew up in Sweden, spending part of her summers at her grandparents’ lake house and the other part traveling through Southern Europe. Later on, while traveling the world as a military spouse with her two children, she found joy in volunteering. Li has volunteered as webmaster and president of The Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA), spent time helping at a home for severely handicapped children in South Africa, and currently works with a preschool that helps students with special needs. She loves both travel and photography, and recently took up painting. Li really enjoys just letting loose and being creative.