Updates From Sri Lanka

June 30, 2014

We are making progress! Thanks to the money raised at our fundraiser in April, we were able to make a large disbursement to help Dharmasena, a small rural elementary school in Bentota, Sri Lanka. You Assist recently received a large individual donation that will go towards the project as well.

This is a bigger task than usual since we are looking to help improve the entire school − typically we have mainly focused on our signature backpacks. This time around, the goal is to help build a small library, improve the administrative offices, and buy new desks and chairs. The children will also get some fun items such as a small playground and musical instruments − all vital in encouraging them to attend their elementary school classes.

The timing couldn’t be better because Nanda, who lives in Sweden, is heading to Sri Lanka in July. He is currently busy organizing and managing all the details from afar so that when he arrives in early July, the improvements to the school can be implemented. Fortunately, he has a lot of help on the ground. The local Bentota-Induruwa Lion’s club is helping as well as staff from his SweLanka group.

While we also plan to provide the children with You Assist backpacks in the future, this phase is all about improving the school and the school grounds. We’ll post photos soon!