Updates from Sri Lanka!

April 5, 2018

Nanda Kodipelli, one of our lead international partners, just spent the last three months in Sri Lanka. As usual, he spent much of that time looking for potential projects. Nanda’s due diligence has been absolutely essential in deciding which projects to pursue at You Assist.

This time, he found a couple of smaller ones. The first is an orphanage for girls that needed a new refrigerator and freezer in Beruwala, a town in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka. Currently, there are twenty girls that live in the orphanage. Some were orphaned during the devastating 2004 tsunami that claimed more than 30,000 lives. Others live there due to difficult situations at home. You Assist donated enough money for the purchase of both the refrigerator and freezer.

The second project involves two girls, age 17 and 20, that are hard of hearing from Pasyala, a town just north of Colombo. Both girls were fitted with hearing aids for the first time. Nanda tells us that the girls were very excited about their new hearing aids. He was present for the initial doctor visit as well as all of the follow ups.