Wine for Charity in Action

September 29, 2013

Earlier this year, we sent money over to Sri Lanka to help distribute 170 backpacks for our ongoing education project. A large portion of the funds came from our successful “Wine Tasting for Charity” event back in March.

Swelanka, Nanda’s group in Sri Lanka, helped put together the backpacks. Since every backpack is tailored to each individual student, this process takes quite a bit of work. In the end, You Assist ended up donating enough money for 150 backpacks. An additional 20 backpacks were thrown in for free since we placed such a large order.

While our donation covered the backpacks, Nanda also donated glasses, a printer/copier that will be used to produce teaching materials for the children, and desks and chairs that he built with his own hands.

The official “gifting ceremony” took place in early July when Nanda traveled to Sri Lanka. The children treated him to a wonderful show, singing and performing various skits. This was an especially moving experience for Nanda as he had attended the same school as a child.


Nanda 2