project status:

CURRENT – This is an active project, currently accepting donations.

who you help:

You help an 85 bed family emergency shelter in Baltimore County.

how you help:

Your donation goes towards move-in kits for families who are transitioning from shelter housing to permanent housing. These move-in kits include sheets, towels, dishes, silverware and cleaning supplies for a family of four. The cost of each kit is 75 dollars.


We hope to build on this first installment with targeted donations based on the shelter’s needs at any given time. Donations are intended to help the shelter meet ad hoc requirements, meaning our contributions will vary.


We are partnering with St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore.

assessment visits:

Anne-Catherine, Bob and Doug visited the shelter in February 2017 to get a personal tour of the facilities and to find out more about the need of its clients. Follow up visits will be easy to orchestrate as the shelter is close to where most of the You Assist Board lives.