who you help:

You help children (ages 5-14) living in poverty-stricken areas of Colombo and in the town of Bentota. These children do not have the necessary supplies to attend school and are therefore unable to get an education nor do the schools have the proper equipment and supplies to encourage attendance.

how you help:

Your donations have gone towards providing each child with a backpack that contains everything they need to attend school: shoes, a school uniform, school books, and school supplies. The Hometown and Eriksson projects in Colombo and Bentota, respectively, provided 367 students with these backpacks.

Donations to Bentota also provided the school with a playground which typically encourages attendance, a library, and furniture for for the principal’s office.


The 367 backpacks distributed clearly surpassed our goal of 300 backpacks in total while also helping with a school play ground, a library, and an office.

The current goal is to identify well vetted projects with the help of our partner Nanda Kodipelli.


Nanda is originally from Sri Lanka but currently lives in Sweden. He has a proven track record of working with Karl Eriksson and SAS U-Assist for over 25 years. We work with him directly and his organization SweLanka. In turn, this group often partners with local Lion’s Clubs to implement these projects.

assessment visit:

Anne-Catherine and Michael, of You Assist, traveled to Sri Lanka in March 2012. They visited several schools where they participated in backpack donation ceremonies.