who you help:

You help 600 children, grades one though nine, at the Dag Hammarskjöld School in Ndola. They lack schoolbooks and other necessary school supplies.

how you help:

Your donation goes towards purchasing schoolbooks. The first installment includes the purchase of English books for grades three through nine. The first graders will get some more specialized books in the subjects of creative technology studies as well as some in social development studies.

The District Education Board Secretary and the school principal have provided the specific titles that our partner, the Ndola-Mukuba Rotary club, will purchase.

Book costs range from four ($4) to seven ($7) dollars.


We hope to build on this first project and help the school with other needs.  However, these books are essential at this stage with the changed school curriculum in Zambia. The school will also need some more substantial help in the form of building improvements, housing for the teachers, and electricity.


We are partnering with the Ndola-Mukuba Rotary Club. Having collaborated with them in the past two years during trips to Zambia in a rotary capacity, we have developed a strong bond and mutual respect. We are honored that they are willing to partner with us.

assessment visits:

Anne-Catherine from You Assist and her husband traveled to Zambia in June 2013 and August 2014.

They were part of a larger Rotary team from Northern Virginia that visited schools in the Ndola region to assess their water and sanitation needs.