Remembrance on Today’s Special Anniversary

January 20, 2016

grandma you assist copy

Last year we lost one of our most fervent supporters, my mother-in-law.  Not only would she donate money to You Assist but she also showed a strong interest in our organization. Had she been a little younger, I am sure that she would have traveled with us on our assessment visits. However, Sri Lanka and Zambia would probably have been a little challenging for a 90 year old.

She would, however, attend our fundraisers. Our wine and cheese event probably was not a big stretch for her but to partake in a full Sri Lankan meal was a little more adventuresome, especially since she could not see very well.  Of course, that did not stop her and she even bought the book, Rice and Curry, which Skiz Fernando autographed for her. It was not an empty gesture because she always proudly displayed it on her coffee table with her family albums.

When I was working on a selection of books from a principal’s wish list for the Dag Hammarskjöld School in Zambia, she was right there by my side. As a former volunteer librarian she was very keen on books. Needless to say, You Assist got a donation towards kindergarten books.

Today, January 20th, would normally have been a day when You Assist would receive a donation from her in remembrance of my father’s birthday. Not only were they good friends but she knew his profound influence on You Assist and the role his legacy organization played in defining our mission.

We miss her, her thoughtfulness, and her genuine interest in all our activities.